Unnaturals Labs: A Supplement Company Based on the Truth

5 min readOct 1, 2021


Note: This article contains affiliate links.

Unnaturals Labs: Kings of the Underground

The world’s first Lifestyle Nutrition Truth brand. Not long ago the word ‘unnatural’ was used to describe same sex marriage. ‘Natural’ was viewed as the superior and anything touched by science was viewed as unnatural. Currently. we are all Unnatural — but it’s always been this way. Social media is filled with unnatural looks, unnatural fake muscles, and it’s children buying into the unrealistic body goals causing body dysmorphia. Through our Unnatural name and brand we unveil the truth to the youth while many influencers choose not to. We are all Unnaturals. Even grandma, with her vaccine and booster shot, is Unnatural.

- Unnaturals Story

In the fitness industry, there are a lot of false truths. Influencers often claim that they have achieved their physiques with products they are promoting while they are taking steroids in the background. As a result, body dysmorphia is prevalent across society as people try to obtain these same looks, wondering why they aren’t able to achieve the same results as they see on social media.

Unnaturals Labs stands out as a company because they want their followers to know the truth. They support people’s choice to use “unnatural” products as long as they are aware of the consequences from doing so. They believe in consumers having a choice of what they put into their bodies.

When companies don’t tell the truth that most bodybuilders and athletes are using performance enhancing drugs, people will continue to believe in unrealistic standards. More dangerously, children may be encouraged to think that taking steroids is necessary, not being fully aware of the negative effects.

Beyond what we put into our bodies, many of us could be labeled as “unnatural” in some way or another. Unnatural Lab’s message is that we should remain true to ourselves and our purpose.

Notable Products

Trenrage Extreme: A new version of the world’s strongest pre-workout.

Perhaps the most well known product from Unnaturals Labs is the Trenrage Pre-Workout. This is the strongest pre-workout currently available and has 6 grams of L-Citrulline and 3.2 of Beta-Alanine.

Influencers who have tested the products have said that the feeling of alertness is stronger than that of using cocaine.

Although I do not like stimulants, I have used tried before and can attest that it is extremely strong. Stimulants like coffee generally make me sleepy and this brought that on a heavy level, meaning that for users that are affected in a standard way, Trenrage would offer a tremendous boost in alertness.

TrenDick 2.0: A powerful libido booster.

This is my favorite product to buy due to its effects and the design of it. I have to say that this is one of the more interesting designs I have seen for supplements.

I like TrenDick 2.0 because of it’s unique Rocket Pop flavor and the effect it has on blood flow and libido. This is great to take for sex and porn watching. In addition to that, the blood flow can enhance muscle pumps for the gym.

Pro Mass Stack: Extreme muscle building for males.

The Pro Mass Stack is the strongest stack offered by Unnaturals Labs for males that want to build extreme muscle. As these products are testosterone precursors, they are hormonally disruptive and thus a PCT is included. These are some of the strongest legal supplements available for building muscle mass.

Great Deals

Unnaturals Labs also offers some great deals for their customers. For first time customers, I recommend the Free Bundle, which includes a shirt, stickers, and 30-day cycle of Laxogenin for only $12.99, the price of shipping.

The Unnaturals Labs Free Bundle.

Additionally, customers can get a 30-day liquid cycle of their choice if they check out with Sezzle or Quadpay, which lets the customer split the payment into 4 biweekly payments without interest.

Final Thoughts

Although I am an affiliate for the company, but I do believe that they have truly great products. The pricing is great and they definitely offer a lot of great deals to their customers, with the extras and free products that you can get on each order simply by using different payment methods or texting them beforehand. I mainly stick to the blood flow products, which I plan to keep using.

Using products from this brand has increased my interest in supplements and in the future I would like to try out other brands as well and review them on here. In the long term though I would like to always continue buying products from Unnaturals Labs.

Overall, healthy eating, sleeping, and lifestyle habits are the most important thing, and one can build a strong physique without any supplements. Supplements however can be desirable for certain effects, or taking things to the next level for those who do want to utilize “unnatural” supplements like the testosterone precursors.

Like The Unnaturals says, it’s about finding our own goals and purpose, because ultimately, we all are Unnatural.

The Unnaturals supports having pride in who we are.